General FAQ

How do I bind my key?

Send a message to @scottbotv1 on Discord containing nothing but your key.
Example: • Don't send !activate EXAMPLESCOTTBOTKEY • Don't send !bind EXAMPLESCOTTBOTKEY • Just send EXAMPLESCOTTBOTKEY

How do I reset my key?

Message @scottbotv1 the following command: !deactivate

Why did I lose access to the Discord server?

• If you violated any of the rules in the server, you were probably muted. If that's the case, all you can do is wait and you will regain full access once the time is up. • This can also happen if you had two keys bound to the same account, and sold one of them on Bot Broker. This is a known issue and is currently being looked into, but for now, please only bind one key on a single Discord account.

How do I update?

The bot will automatically search for an update every 15 minutes. If Scottbot hasn't automatically updated, and a new version has been announced in the Discord server, then navigate to the settings tab. Once you're there, just press CHECK FOR NEW and it should automatically update if a new version is available.

How do i know if I'm on the latest update?

Go to the Discord server and look in #versions-live. If the version in your settings and the version in the channel match, then you have the latest version installed. You can also open the official Scottbot download page to check. The latest version will always be displayed there directly above the download buttons.
Can I run Scottbot on a server?
Yes, but not all servers are supported. You cannot run Scottbot on Vultr and AWS due to compatibility issues. Besides those two, most other server providers should be compatible, but there are a few others that still may not work.

Task FAQ

Why won't my tasks start?
You most likely have bad proxies. Either load the proxies into your browser and try to access the website you are trying to bot, or use a proxy tester, like Fogldn or Red Dirt, to confirm.

Why am I getting errors while running my tasks?

Check the task error page to see if you can find the errors you're having. Your tasks are most likely just waiting for restocks but you can use that page to confirm it.

How do I edit my tasks?

At the moment, Scottbot does not support task editing, however, you can change individual task links by double clicking the link in the tasks you want to change. The other available options are using the mass link or mass PID change icons in the toolbar.

Can I get multiple items with quantity limits shipped to the same address?

• The only way to have multiple items shipped to the same place from a store that enforces a quantity limit is to "jig" your address. Start with your name. Use common misspellings, abbreviations, etc. Here are some examples: John Smith, Johnny Smith, Jon Smith, Jonny Smiths
• Next you need to change up your address. Here are some examples: 123 Scottbot Road, 123 Scottbot Rd, 123 Scottbot Rd AAA, 123 Scottbot Road XYZ
• If you live in a house, you can also add random numbers/letters in Address Line Two or at the end of your street address, as shown above. If you live in an apartment, you'll be a little more limited in what you can change since you need to have the correct apartment number in your profile.

Proxy FAQ

Can I use proxies on one tasks and no proxies on another?

Scottbot does not currently support proxy groups. The only way to use different proxies in separate tasks is to input them individually in each new task you create.

Can I run a task locally if I have proxies loaded in my settings?

If you've loaded proxies in the settings tab, there is currently no way to run tasks without using those proxies, or using a single proxy loaded while creating a task.

How does the bot use proxies?

Scottbot uses the proxies sequentially. Every time a request is made, the bot will switch to a different proxy, then it loops, and eventually repeats the cycle.

How do I know if my proxies are bad?

If you believe your proxies have been banned, one way you can test them is by loading a proxy into your browser, and going to the site you believe they're banned on. If the page loads, your proxies are fine. If the page doesn't load, or you get a 444/429 error, then that proxy has been banned. You can also use a free proxy tester like Fogldn or Red Dirt.

What kind of proxies should I be using?

DC or ISP proxies are recommended for most of the modules, since the majority of supported sites have almost no bot/proxy protection. The best way to find out what kind of proxies to use, or if they're needed at all, is to check the default setup channel in the discord.
Last modified 1yr ago