Task Errors


This most likely means your local IP or Proxies are banned. - Local IP: If you're not using proxies, open your browser and go to the website you're getting this error on. If you can't load the page then you were most likely temp banned. Stop any tasks that are targeting that site and wait 2-4 hours, then attempt to get onto the site again. If you still can't access the site after 24 hours, you were probably permanently banned, and will need a new IP or proxies to get around the ban. - Proxies: Use a proxy testing software, or get a Chrome proxy extension to test your proxies. If you use a testing software, load your proxies into it, input the site that is giving you issues, and run the test. If you use the extension, add it to Chrome, enter a proxy, then navigate to the site. If the page won't load, your proxies are bad, and you will need new ones to continue running.


This usually just means the site you are trying to bot is experiencing load so there is a queue. Just let the task run and it should eventually get passed this.

Error tunneling socket cannot be established/tunneling esockettimeout

Your proxies are more than likely bad and are not working properly on the site that you are attempting to use them on. Try using different proxies or download a proxy tester to confirm if they work.

Cannot read taskProfile/cardProfile of undefined

You mostly likely have accidentally deleted a profile or a card that is attached to a task

INVAL_ATC, Retrying or ERR_ATC, Retrying or ADD TO CART ERROR

These all usually just mean "Waiting for Restock" or "No Stock, Waiting." Certain modules display these errors when they're waiting for stock so just let them run. If you still get nervous about it, you can check the log to make sure they're still looping.


Most likely the item went OOS before the task checked out. Stop and start the task to fix it. If that doesn't fix the issue then there is likely an error in your profile. Try using the billing info from the failed task to checkout an in stock item on the site giving you issues. If there's a problem with the billing, find the issue, then make the needed changes.


For some modules, this could simply mean the item is out of stock. In other modules this could mean the page has been pulled or it is only available from a third party seller. Just let the task run and it should change once the item is back in stock, but check your log to confirm there are no issues.


This usually just means the item you're attempting to checkout went out of stock before the task finished. This may mean something different depending on the module you are using so check the Default Setup channel in the Discord for more specific information on this error.


If you're running a module that requires cookies, a small browser window will open to harvest them. If you see this message that means the cookies are temporarily unable to be harvested. Stop the tasks that are stuck on this error and wait 20-40 minutes before restarting. If you are getting this error after running your tasks for a short amount of time, you should cut down the number of tasks you are running, or raise the delays for these tasks.

If the harvester window opens up and you see an empty page with "about:blank" as the URL, there are other instances of browser still open. Stop your tasks and close all browser windows before restarting.


These errors most likely mean that the item went out of stock before your tasks could complete the checkout. Run a test with a dead card/$1 Privacy card/fake card on the same address to see if you can get your task to PAYMENT DECLINED. If you successfully get a decline, your info is fine and the item just went OOS. If you still get either of those errors, go through your profile(s) to make sure everything is filled out correctly.

There is also a small bug that may be causing this with the "State" field of certain profiles. Click on the profile tab in the bot and make sure the state is abbreviated like so:

If you see the full name of the state instead of an abbreviation, simply click EDIT then CHANGE, and the issue should be resolved.