Once you finish with your settings and profiles you can begin creating your tasks. Each task you create will attempt to find the item you select and try to checkout using one of your profiles
At the bottom of your screen you will see a small bubble where you can create these tasks. You can configure most of the options from the small menu or you can press BIG MENU :) to see all the available options.


The first step in creating your tasks is to select the site you would like to bot. Click on the site bubble and a list of all the available modules will drop down . Choose a website from the list and continue the setup.


  • Link: We recommend running links for most of the modules. It is the simplest way to set up your task, and will help prevent complications due to user error. We only recommend using keywords or the PID when specifically instructed to in the Scottbot discord server.
  • PID: The Product ID of an item is usually found towards the end of a link, or on the product page. PIDs are supported for most modules but if you want to be safe, make sure to check the default setups in the Scottbot Discord.
Example: https://www.target.com/p/nerf-alpha-strike-cobra-rc-6-blaster-and-target-set/-/A-76307189For this particular item the PID would be 76307189
  • Keywords: Minimal KW support has been added. To use KWs please visit the Scottbot Discord and check if it is supported in the default setup channel. If KWs are supported for your desired site, enter them in all lower case and seperate them by commas. Currently the bot only picks up new items when running KWs. The bot will not checkout a new item with any negative string in it, but only needs two positive words to checkout.
Example KW string: +dbz,+funko,+pop,-tshirt


The mode will automatically change after you paste your link, PID, or keywords. If you have one mode selected without the correct field being filled, or if you fill in multiple fields, Scottbot will not allow you to make your task. Make sure you have the correct mode selected if you experience any issues trying to create a task.


  • Guest/Login: Scottbot currently doesn't support login for most of the modules . You should run guest mode on almost all sites, but always look in the default setup channel on Discord to confirm.
  • Profiles: This is where you will select the billing profile you want your task to use when checking out.
  • Quantity: This is the amount of items you want your task to checkout.

Use Profile Once

The # OF TASKS box is where you can pick the amount of tasks you would like to create with your current task setup. If you would like to make a task with your current setup, but would like to use different billing profiles, enter the number of tasks/profiles you would like to use and check the USE PROFILE ONCE? box
Example: - I have 20 profiles created - I enter 10 for the # OF TASKS - USE PROFILE ONCE? is checked - I click CREATE TASKS - 10 tasks are made with the first 10 profiles in the list


  • Coupon: If you have a coupon code for one of the supported modules, you can enter it where it says scottbotrocks! Not all modules are compatible with coupons so please check in the Discord before adding them to your tasks.
  • Proxy: If you would like your task to use a specific proxy instead of your local IP, or the proxies you entered in the settings page, you can paste one in the proxy box. The proxy you enter is the only one that will be used. Any tasks you left the box blank on will continue to cycle through the proxies from your settings page.
If you enter a single proxy on a task, that task should be set up as if you were running on local. If the default setup channel says you should run 400-800ms delays with proxies, or 1000ms delay on local, you should run that task at 1000ms because it won't be cycling through proxies.
  • Delay: If you want your task to use a different monitor delay than the one you have saved in your settings, enter your desired delay here. If you would like your task to use the delay in your settings, don't enter anything and once you create your task it will use your default delay.


For most of the modules you use, the special tab will not be needed/supported. If you're creating a task and notice the special tab is no longer blacked out, then you should see some more options. The image above contains options for instore pickup and cart brute bypass, but most modules will only have the bypass option. If the task you're creating has pickup options, you can enter the max store distance (in miles) and check the pickup box.
If you checked the box, you're task will now attempt to checkout the desired item in any store with available stock within your selected radius.


If for any reason you would like to change something in one of the tasks you've set up, simply click the little pencil icon. This will bring up the task menu and allow you to edit anything you want.


Once your tasks are created, you will have the option to sort them by clicking Site, Link, Pid, Mode, Login, Profile, or Quantity.
For example: If I wanted to sort my tasks alphabetically using the links, I would click on "Link." By default it would sort them in a descending order, but by clicking it again, the links would be in ascending order.
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