Mac Installation

Step 1. Download

After purchasing SB you should've received and email from [email protected]. Open the email and click the link at the bottom, or just click here.

After clicking the link you'll be taken to the dashboard. Here you'll get access to the readme, discord, key, and download. Click on mac to begin the download.

Step 2. Install

Once the download is complete, right click (click with two fingers on trackpad) the .dmg file, then click Open.

A small window should open up with the .dmg file in your application folder. Drag the Scottbot icon into your application folder, and you should have successfully installed it.

Now you need to open up your application folder and scroll until you see scottbotv1. Double click it and a small window should appear asking you to enter your key.

PLEASE NOTE: - A popup may appear that says:scottbotv1 cannot be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software If this happens, close the window, right click the application, and a similar window will pop up. Clickopenand the bot should be successfully installed.

Enter your key and hit enter, or click on VROOOM. You should now have access to the program.

If you experienced any errors with the installation, head over to our Common Errors page for a list of possible solutions