Binding Your Key
The first thing you should do after purchasing Scottbot is to bind your key to your Discord.
After you make your purchase from the official Scottbot website or from Bot Broker you should've received an invite to the official Scottbot Discord server. If you have not received an invite simply go to the download page and click on the Discord link.
Once you join the server you need to message the scottbotv1 bot
Once you join the server you need to message the @scottbotv1. Click on the bot in either the welcome message, or from the member list on the right, and send it a message containing only your key. The bot should respond saying that your key has successfully been bound to your Discord.
Once your key is bound to a Discord account, it cannot be unbound unless it's sold through Bot Broker
Do not bind more than one key on a single account. If you sell one of your keys on Bot Broker you will lose access to the discord. This is a known issue and a solution for this is being worked on.
Last modified 1yr ago
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