In the first box you'll see a line where you can enter your Discord or Slack webhook. Simply copy the webhook address from the Discord or Slack channel that you'd Scottbot to send notifications in, and paste it into the box. Click TEST and you should receive a message that lets you know you've successfully added your webhook.
Unfamiliar with webhooks? Click here to learn how to set up a Discord webhook, or click here to learn how to set up a Slack webhook.


The next box to the left displays the version of Scottbot you are currently running. You will be alerted in the Scottbot Discord any time a new version is pushed and will simply need to close and reopen the bot to update, or you can press CHECK FOR NEW to have the bot check manually.


Monitor Delay: This is the amount of milliseconds a task will wait before scanning the targeted website again for the keyword/link/variant you entered.
Request Timeout: This basically controls the amount of time a task will wait before "refreshing the page." Under no circumstances should you change it from the default setting (15000 ms) unless specifically instructed to on the official Discord server, or if you're running the bot on a very slow server.
Retry Delay: This is the amount of time your tasks will wait to cart the item and checkout again after a failed attempt.
When creating a task you will have the option to change the monitor delay for each specific task
If you're not sure what numbers you should be setting your delays at, go to the Scottbot Discord server and take a look at the default setup channel


To the right of the retry delay box you'll see a checkbox. Make sure to have this box checked to keep a record of any errors that you run into while operating Scottbot.
  • Windows: If you have the box checked and experience any issues, type %appdata% into File Explorer, find the Scottbot folder, then open up the log files to find out what caused the problem.
  • Mac: If you have the box and experience any issues, open finder and type scottbot into the search bar. Open up the log files to find what caused the issue.
We recommend having this box checked so if you experience any major issues you could just send the log files to a member of our support staff. Having the logs saved makes it much easier to solve these issues and could get you back to smoothly running Scottbot much faster than if they would need to blindly solve the problem.


If you take a look all the way to the right you should see the following four buttons:
  1. 1.
    Open Captcha Solver
  2. 2.
    Import Cookies
  3. 3.
    Load Magical IP Changers
  4. 4.
    Deactivate Bot
If you click on OPEN CAPTCHA SOLVER a small pink window should pop up. At the bottom of this window the first option you should see is LOGIN ACCOUNT. This is where you would sign into a gmail account. The benefits of logging in are easier captchas or one clicks. If you are running on a site that requires you to solve captchas you must have this window open, and it is highly recommended to have an account signed in.
If you click the icon directly to the right of that, you can test your gmail to see if you get easy captchas/one clicks or slow fading captchas. If you get slow fading captchas, try signing into another account, or click the icon on the bottom right to simulate activity on that account by watching youtube videos.
The only modules that might require the captcha window would be Funko Shop and Custom Shopify


Directly underneath the captcha button is IMPORT COOKIES
If you click it a small bubble will appear where you can copy/paste any cookies you've previously generated with Cookie IO or AYCD Toolbox. Scottbot currently only supports importing Best Buy cookies with those two generators, but does not require them to run tasks.


Directly underneath the cookies button is LOAD MAGICAL IP CHANGERS
If you click it another small bubble will appear where you can paste all your proxies. Click ADD PROXIES once you paste them in there and any tasks you create/have created will cycle through them. If you decide to stop using your proxies, navigate back to the settings page and click on UNLOAD: # PROXIES ;D to remove them.
Scottbot only supports USER:PASS or IP Auth proxies


The very last button in that group is DEACTIVATE BOT
Clicking it will boot you back to the first window where you originally entered your key. If you'd like to run Scottbot on a different computer, click the button then enter the key on the desired device. You can also go on Discord and message @scottbotv1 !deactivate to have your key reset from there.


If you take a look at the bottom left corner of your settings page, you will see your expiration date. This is the date that you're Scottbot key will no longer be valid. If you're date is getting close, go to the Scottbot Discord server, look for the Guides category, and you'll see a channel titled #renew-copy
Once you're in that channel just follow what it says to add another year to your expiration date.
You will have 90 days after your key expires to renew it. Any keys not renewed after 90 days will automatically be destroyed.
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