General Setup
Before you jump in and start checking, out you need to understand how to properly operate Scottbot
When you first install this program the bot will be set to light mode by default. If you would like to change it to dark mode, click the Scottbot logo in the top left corner of the window.
The first step in learning how to operate Scottbot is to figure out the UI, which we will be going over here:

1. Task List

This is where you'll be creating your tasks

2. Profiles

This is where you'll be creating your billing profiles that your tasks will use to checkout

3. Checkouts

This is where you'll find all your checkout analytics

4. Settings

This is where you'll set your default delays, enter your webhook, add proxies, and import cookies

5. Toolbar

The five small icons right by the delete all button is where you'll find the toolbar
This is your log. Click it and a terminal will appear in the bot. That terminal will show you exactly what your tasks are doing. If you think your tasks are not working, check the log. If you see your task trying to checkout/add to cart, then your tasks are working properly. If you check the terminal and your tasks are not looping and your IP/proxies are not banned, then you can show a member of our support staff your logs by clicking COPY TO CLIPBOARD, and navigating to Once you're there, just paste the logs, press the save button, and send the link to support.
This button is used to download your profiles. We recommend using this feature once you complete creating all your profiles. If you ever want to set up on a new computer, or if all your profiles were accidentally deleted, you can save yourself a lot of time by importing them, rather than making new ones again.
This button is for importing your profiles. If for any reason you were to lose your profiles, this is what you would use to recover them with one of your previous exports. You can also import profiles if you have a billing manager that is compatible with Scottbot.
This button is used to do a mass link change. If you realize you've been running the wrong link, or if the link gets changed on the site you're trying to bot, you can click this icon and change them all in one easy step. PLEASE NOTE: MLC will only work on supported sites and on tasks that are not running.
This icon in the toolbar is used to do a mass PID change. It basically does the same thing as MLC, but instead of links, it changes the product ID. After you click the button, select the module you wish to have the PIDs changed on, and enter the one you'd like to have your tasks switch to.
Last modified 1yr ago