Windows Installation

Scottbot does supports windows, but it may be buggy. Certain features are not guaranteed to work with this platform like quick tasks, mass link change, or any module that uses a browser.

Step 1. Downloads

After purchasing SB you should've received and email from [email protected]. Open the email and click the link at the bottom, or just click here.

After clicking the link you'll be taken to the dashboard. Here you'll get access to the readme, discord, key, and download. Click on windows to begin the download.

After downloading Scottbot you'll need to download the LTS Windows installer for Node.js.


Step 2. Install Node & Chocolatey

Requirements for Chocolatey - Windows 7+ / Windows Server 2003+ - PowerShell v2+ (Not PowerShell Core yet though)(minimum is v3 for install from this website due to TLS 1.2 requirement) - .NET Framework 4+ (the installation will attempt to install .NET 4.0 if you do not have it installed)(minimum is 4.5 for install from this website due to TLS 1.2 requirement)

Click through all the installer steps using the default/recommended settings, until you get to the Tools for Native Modules page

Chocolately isn't technically required to run Scottbot so you can choose to check this box or not. Some users have gone through the installation without installing Chocolatey, and could not open the bot afterwards. Going back and installing Chocolately fixed that issue so if you can't open the bot after completing the rest of these steps, try again with Chocolatey installed.

Step 3. Install Scottbot

Now that you completed the Node and Chocolatey installations, Scottbot is ready to be installed. Double click the setup application, click yes on the popup, and let it install.

Once the install is complete, enter your key and hit enter or click on VROOOM. You should now have access to the program.

If you experienced any errors with the installation, head over to our Common Errors page for a list of possible solutions