The first step in creating a profile is adding your shipping address. This is where your packages will be sent when a task checks out successfully. The profile creator is basically the same as the checkout page of any online retailer, so you'll need to enter your name, address, email, and phone number. If all the billing information is the same then simply name your profile and move on to the payment info. If your billing and shipping info are not the same then check DIFFERENT BILLING INFO and move on to the billing address tab.


If your shipping address and billing address are not the same, click BILLING ADDRESS after checking the box in the shipping tab.
Fill in all your billing information, then continue to the payment tab.


Once you're done setting your shipping/billing address you can now move on to the payment info. This is where you'll be choosing what card Scottbot will use to complete the checkout process on your tasks. Fill in the full cardholder name in the first box (first and last only; no middle name) then move on to the card number, expiration, and CVV (3-4 digit pin; usually found on the back of a card).
After you complete filling in your payment information click CREATE and two options will appear.
  1. 1.
    To save this profile and then retain information filed in the creator, click CREATE NEW + RETAIN
  2. 2.
    To save this profile then wipe the creator fields, click the CREATE NEW + CLEAR
Once you finish creating all your desired profiles you can finally move on to creating a task.
If you plan to purchase multiples of an item that has a purchase limit you will need to create multiple profiles with different cards and addresses - If you don't have multiple cards, or just want to add a few more, you can use Privacy Cards, or if you have a Capital One, Amex, or Citi credit card, you can generate some VCC's. - To have multiples shipped to the same place you will need to jig your address

Profile Options

  • Duplicate: Makes a copy of the profile
  • Quick Task/Favorite: Click the star to set a profile as your quick task profile/favorite. If the star is filled in that mean if you click Quicktask from your groups monitors, this would be the profile used in that task. Setting a profile as your favorite will also set it as the default in the task creation menu.
  • Edit Profile: Click this to alter the shipping/billing/payment info of a profile.
  • Delete: If you would like to delete a profile, press the small x next to the edit button.
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